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Welcome to the Macedonia Theological Seminary

The Macedonia Theological Seminary, Inc. was founded by Dr james A Gordon PhD Pastor of Macedonia Cathedral Church of God in St Albans New York.

In the beginning the Seminary offered a 60 hour course "certificate of completion in Biblical studies" to its first six graduates and has since been certified and authorize by the New York State Board of Education, the American Association of Christian Therapists and Dayspring Christian University; to offer higher education programs.

E-Learning (Distance Learning)

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the concept of distance learning. As the name suggests, it’s all about learning from a distance. (Sometimes, this form of learning is also referred to as ‘e-learning’ or ‘online learning’. View More



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The Holy Spirit


Christ’s Second Coming

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It is the purpose of Macedonia Theological Seminary  to contribute to the development of our students in the  areas of Christian character, academic skills, subject  mastery, Biblical understanding, and practical wisdom. View More


Surviving An Economic Meltdown


Undergraduate Studies Degree Requirements School of Christian Education Students are required to complete the minimum number of courses indicated in each category listed in their program. Each Associate degree program requires a total of 32 courses (64 credits).  Courses must be ordered from the current “order form”.  All undergraduate courses offer two credit..... View More


Macedonia Theological Seminary, INC. Accreditation The IAO has awarded Macedonia Theological Seminary, INC. accreditation status after in-depth evaluation of the educational institution through our unique patented accreditation process.  Macedonia Theological Seminary, INC. has been evaluated on the IAO standards of the global best practices in Organizational Management, Academic ..... View More


REQUIREMENTS AND ADMISSIONS *The teaching in Our Bible College reflects our faith in the Word of God.  His word exhorts us to love the Lord Jesus Christ, and to live holy lives.  Students are required to have a testimony both in the Word and in deed.  This testimony should express these tow aspects in their manner of living. * There are required courses to be t..... View More


Key Words of the Christian Life


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